RJG Training Excellence Award

The RJG Training Excellence Award was created as a way to recognize clients for their commitment to the RJG Master Molder® Certification program.

The Master Molder® program was developed over ten years ago under the guidance of RJG Consultant, Norm Ward, who saw a great need in the industry for training programs and tools that would bridge the gap between classroom instruction and implementing what was learned on the production floor.

Over the years, the Master Molder® certification program has evolved into the industry standard for injection molding processing training.

Watch video testimonials from past winners.

Video Testimonials

2015 Winners
iMARK Molding  https://imarkmolding.com/
Extreme Tool and Engineering  https://www.extremetool.com/
Whirlpool Corporation https://www.whirlpoolcorp.com/
Stihl, Inc.  https://www.stihl.com/