Mack Molding Testimonial: Producing Quality Parts from the Start

The Challenge

In general, we see a very diverse group of products in our facility and are continually challenged with developing processes in multiple materials, including engineering grades. These challenges require us to be able to manage our business mix by running smaller lot sizes in order to fulfill the demands of various customers in a timely manner. The importance of being able to get quick, effective startups of each job without waste is critical to the success of our operations.

We had tried other software based self-training programs with minimal impact due to the less defined methods of education and the subsequent less developed comprehension of the trainees. Once we learned of the opportunities with RJG education programs from various tradeshows and industry publications, we began the investigation of their methods of assessment and training.

The Solution

We started by asking RJG to come to our facility in 2012 and perform a “gap assessment” to allow them to gain an understanding of our business processes and methods in order to define a training program that would best fit our needs. We chose RJG because we felt their educational programs and support teams were the most developed in our industry and would give us the best chance of success in our implementation.

We began implementation with internal training for our technicians using RJG instructors in essentials, systematic, and decoupled workshop programs. We trained our executive team in the methods to be employed and established a team of internal management and engineers to lead the activities. We then mentored each technician beyond the educational process while also beginning training with support personnel. We proceeded to convert our old processes to universal methods utilizing the scientific approaches that are taught during these sessions.

The Result

Since starting to work with RJG, we have significantly improved our capabilities to develop and manage effective processes that produce positive results. We quickly saw improvements in our overall scrap rates, primarily as a result of being able to get jobs started quickly and producing quality parts early within the production runs. More efficient processing methods and reduced lead times lowered the overall cost for our customers.

RJG proved to be a good resource both by providing instructors to launch the decoupled molding concepts as well as being able to provide ongoing resources either external or internal to our facility to continue in the development of our personnel. We hope to incorporate more of their technology in the future.

Joseph Carinci
Plant Manager
Mack Molding Company

About Mack Molding

Mack Molding Company is a family-owned business that has been in existence since 1920. The Inman, SC and Statesville, NC facilities (Southern Division) were acquired in 1988 and 1990 respectively and have enjoyed growth throughout the years as a member of the Mack Molding Organization. We operate 38 injection molding presses from 72 tons through 4000 tons of clamping force within our Southern Division’s operations.