Sensor PreCheck

Configuration matérielle
Bloc d’alimentation inclus 12 V DC
Câbles Lynx CE-LX5-.5M
Nombre maximum de capteurs Lynx™ 30 max
Tablet Tablette 8″ Samsung avec câble USB


Spécifications de l’application
OS Requirements Configuration requise pour le système d’exploitation – Android 4.4 KitKat ou version ultérieure
Mémoire requise 10 MB

Having inaccurate or malfunctioning sensors can lead to bad parts getting out the door. The Sensor PreCheck™ (previously Sensor eValuator™) allows you to test Lynx® cavity pressure sensors to ensure they are working properly and accurately. It is able to test up to 30 sensors simultaneously, so you can quickly and efficiently know how each of your sensors is performing.

The Sensor PreCheck can perform:

  • Automatic Testing
  • Manual Testing
  • Strain Gage Sensor Lynx Communication Test
  • Zero Offset Test
  • Broken Wire/Failed Gage Test
  • Piezoelectric Sensor Lynx Communication Test
  • Drift Test
  • Strain Gage Sensor Basic Force Test
  • Piezoelectric Sensor Basic Force Test

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