Tribar Manufacturing Testimonial: Improving the Tool Launch Process

The Challenge

Prior to beginning our partnership with RJG, we were faced with three main challenges: creating a simulation that is close to reality, determining a decision-making process for part and mold design, and launching the mold with minimal grooming processes. To add to our challenge, we have a number of tool builds that require a significant amount of analysis upfront, as a number of our parts are chrome-plated and painted. Our goal was to improve our designs, analysis, and mold launches as a whole.

The Solution

We identified a strategic need for an annual contract with RJG to transition to a TZERO® process. We knew this was something that was going to take time as we worked to further enhance the required skill set.

We started our long-term relationship with RJG in 2014. Since then, we’ve participated in a variety of training classes, including Systematic Molding, Part Design, and Mold Design. RJG provided us with material evaluation consultation, simulation training, and partner collaboration. They also provided multiple onsite consultation sessions for troubleshooting existing projects and launching new projects.

The Result

RJG was able to help us from concept and design to our plating process. They truly understood our needs from the plastic’s point of view and helped us better integrate our plating process. We’re now able to perform proper analysis with our specialized process considerations.
Design, quality, process, and tool launch improvements saved us time, money, and scrap. Training has provided us with better communication and decision making, a major benefit that has greatly improved the way we operate. RJG and the TZERO group have supported us with great solutions to difficult problems, allowing us to improve our relationships with our customers.

Sean Whittum
Molding Manager
Tribar Manufacturing

About Tribar Manufacturing

Tribar is a privately held company focused on developing robust and pleasing products. Utilizing core processes, experience in design solutions, and a focus on customer satisfaction, we have created award-winning production products for multiple industries. It is our aspiration to be the best. We must drive ourselves and our systems on a continuous path of improvement. Our goal is to continuously improve to provide our customers with the value they desire.